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What will you need ?


  • What else will I need along with my stove ?


  • So here’s the plan !!

Anual Stove Serviving initiative.


As part of the “Just Stoves” customer care initiative I would like to offer the following service prior to the next Stove season.

Before the winter really starts I’m introducing a service to check out your stove and installation.
The scope would be as follows:

1. To examine your stove for functionality. To examine door seals, the glass seals, the refractory bricks, the moving hinges and locking mechanisms. To lubricate as necessary. To remove and clean the baffle as required.

2. To examine the flue system regarding soot build up and the materials for continued fitness for use. To remove and clean the cowl. If the flue soot build up is excessive I can brush the flue through.

3. I will examine the insulation in the roof space and all roof timbers to ensure continued safety.

4. I will examine the weather proofing and flashing arrangements and re-seal as necessary from an annual maintenance perspective.

The intention is to provide peace of mind for you and leave you prepared for the burning season.

You will be given a report on work carried out to serve as a record and nothing  will be done to your system without your consent .
I would expect a system check  as described above to take 2-3 hours.
The cost includes any lubricants and insulation required, all roofing sealants and consumables typically from R500
Should the flue require “sweeping” the cost would be determined by the severity  of build up found. To be realistic, if you’ve been burning a clean and dry mixture or soft and hard woods I wouldn’t expect to have to sweep the flue until the end of two or three seasons.

I can also supply firewood that has been cut, split and dried by myself. It is predominantly soft wood in big chunks specifically for stoves. The attachments above show the various sizes to help me describe what’s on offer.
There are also bundles of softwood kindling on offer. The size is typically 15mm x 15mm x 160mm. These could be bought in bundles or in large flour sacks containing 200 pieces.

If a servicing and firewood delivery are combined then a delivery charge for the firewood would be eliminated.
If you have any questions please just ask.