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What will you need ?


  • What else will I need along with my stove ?


  • So here’s the plan !!

So what could I do now ?


  • You could call me for a free survey and quotation to understand what’s possible.

Or, you could look on any of the following web sites and/or visit these suppliers. I work in conjunction with many of the local stoves suppliers and show rooms.

Not all suppliers carry out installations so that brings you right back to me again hopefully.
I have some brochures I can pass on to you to help but these showrooms are worth a visit as there are so many lovely stoves available and you can get all the specific information you wish.

  • So here’s the plan.

Decide if you want to burn just wood or coal as well.
Determine how big a stove you require.
Look at the web sites and show rooms and get a feel or decide what you would like.Or
Call Lloyd at “Just Stoves” on 079 655 1673 for a free survey and quotation or just to discuss the situation some more.

Have your stove installed and be warmer this winter.