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What will you need ?


  • What else will I need along with my stove ?


  • So here’s the plan !!

What will you need ?


Information on the Stoves and more product information is available through the links below and if you desire, arrange a no obligation survey to discuss your possibilities .


General Information on room heaters


What follows is just some information to help if you are considering a room heater this winter. As always there is more to know and be considered but I hope this will point you in the right direction. If you want more details or a no obligation survey just call me at
“Just Stoves” 079 655 1673.

  • What sort of fuel do you want to burn ?

Steel stoves are mainly for wood only. Cast iron stoves are typically able to burn wood and coal. Stoves that burn both fuels are called “multi-fuel”. Steel stoves heat up more quickly but cast iron retains the heat for longer.

  • Open fires are typically 10-15% efficient. Closed systems (i.e those with a closable door) can be 85% efficient. Closed systems are generally more expensive to buy but you can see the longer term benefits because for every R100 of fuel you buy you’ll get R85 of heating in return. Closed systems will not allow smoke into your room either.
  • So how big does my fire need to be ?

Work out the area of the room you wish to heat i.e length x width. If you measure in metres you’ll get a square metre (m2) answer. Divide that answer by 10 and that will be the KW (Kilowatts) power of heat output you should target when looking for a stove. There is a balance to be struck here, because so many South African homes are open plan you may add other rooms and corridors into the calculation and end up thinking you need a monster KW stove. Be careful here...stoves are more efficient if working close to their maximum output. Think of it like your car that might have a 3 litre engine and you wouldn’t run that at idle all day long.

Also with a monster stove you’ll never sit close to it because of the radiated heat and the bigger the stove the more fuel you’ll need to feed it.